If arrested, the most important step to take is to request to speak with an attorney and politely refuse to answer any questions until you have spoken with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Even if you have not been arrested, it is always wise to speak to an attorney or have one present before answering any questions. Police are expertly trained to get people to make incriminating or contradictory statements that can create probable cause to make an arrest or be used to undermine a person’s credibility in court and make them look guilty.

Facing criminal investigation or being formally charged with a crime can be an intimidating experience. A person who has never been accused of an offense before may not know where to turn. For those who have a conviction on their record, the stakes may be significantly higher, you deserve a defense attorney who focuses on representing the needs of his client. If you are facing a criminal charge, it’s important that you have a qualified Florida criminal defense attorney on your side to navigate the process on your behalf.

At DEMILES LAW, we can handle Criminal Cases involving:

  • Fraud

  • Battery Domestic Violence

  • Robbery

  • Murder

  • Assault

  • Battery

  • Gun and Weapons Crimes

  • Possession of Stolen Vehicle

  • BUI

  • DUI

  • Hit and Run

  • Burglary

  • Theft

  • Drug Possession 

  • Drug Trafficking 

  • Conspiracy

  • Restraining Orders

  • Expungement 





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